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& Distance Calculator
Created for Christchurch by Payback Computer Service
Measure the length or area of any simple or complex shape or area on a Christchurch Google map.
This tool is useful for measuring the actual distance or area of land of any size or any other large object such as a roof where you need know the specified distance or area to help with Insurance repairs, landscaping, resurfacing, or drain laying projects etc. (instructions below map)  
Christchurch Address:
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Locate the address of the Christchurch property you want to measure.
Use your mouse wheel to zoom in to the area you want to measure.
To pan around the map, hold down the left mouse button while dragging the mouse .
Click at the first point you want to start measuring from on the property to start defining an area or distance to be measured.
Red draggable edit markers will appear and mark each point you select. Just click where you want to add (or delete) more markers.
Click all the subsequent points along the outside edge of the shape you want to calculate the area of.
As you add points the total length or area of the shape you have outlined will be calculated and displayed above the map in real time.
The green address marker and the red point markers will even appear in street view but the measuring accuracy goes out the window.
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