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The base price of a Gareth Donnelly Tap Lamp is NZ$ 800 including shipping (approx USD $500) and as such reflects a recognition that these functional artworks are unique creations of lasting value.

When you purchase a Gareth Donnelly Tap Lamp Artwork you buy not only a superb functional artwork but also a permanent testimony to the enduring values of the British Industrial Tradition. Using only the finest metals and utilising handcraft skills passed down from the Victorian era, Gareth creates functional artworks that creatively celebrate the time-honoured concepts of Visual Appeal, Tradition and Permanence. Here there is no superficial glitter of mass-production.

All new and recycled materials are carefully selected from a diverse range of local, national, and international suppliers. Metals are thoroughly cleansed by sandblasting and then machine-polished to a high sheen. Smaller components are also laboriously hand polished.

All electrical fittings and construction processes compy with rigorous New Zealand and Australian safety standards and are officially approved by the Electrical Registration Board of New Zealand. Essential electronic components are imported from the U.S.A and have been rigorously tested by the company for up to 1.5 million operations without failure.

Non-Lead based enamels and lacquers only are used in the final finishing process. Resene Paints Ltd have been selected as the paints supplier due to their environmentally friendly policies, complying as they do with ISO 9002 Telarc requirements. Finishing colours cover the spectrum. Special marbling effects are on occasion also available. Brass and bronze metals are carefully lacquered to ensure a durable, long-lasting gloss.

New Zealand Tap Lamp Company lampshades are predominantly Art Deco. They are also guaranteed originals in pristine condition. The style and 'feel' of these lamps seems to most favour the warm, curvaceous contours and nostalgic nuances of this fashion era. These functional artworks convey a compelling sense of environmental friendliness, both in regard to the high percentage of recycled materials used and also with regard to the immediately apparent degree of 'fit' they have with the spaces they occupy.

Best of all, you can communicate directly with the artisan and have made for you a Tap Lamp which is not only unique on this planet, but which also reflects your own creative imagination.


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