At this very moment in a picturesque, provincial New Zealand town named Christchurch there labours a skilled, mastercraftsman creating superb, functional artworks with a most unique purpose. He pours scores of hours of fastidious concentration into his creation of objets d'art which serve not only as items of collectable beauty but also as sources of evocative, mellow lighting for key areas of your home or business. The craftsman is Gareth Donnelly, founder-owner of the New Zealand Tap Lamp Company Ltd. His craft is also his artistic passion, and he is offering to the public the opportunity to peruse his recycled, lighting masterpieces.

The New Zealand Tap Lamp Company Ltd (1981) creates Table Lamps, Bedside Lamps, Free-Standing Lamps, Ceiling Lamps and Wall Lamps. In fact, a Gareth Donnelly Tap Lamp may be designed and installed in virtually any interior setting in consultation with the artisan. No two lamps are ever the same, all have their own unique design features. Features include: genuine recycled and new British Standard waterpipework, brass and bronze metal fittings and faucets, a delightfully innovative switching device located in a special faucet incorporated in the lamp enabling the light to be operated by rotating the faucet handle, environmentally friendly paint and laquer finishes, and genuine Art Deco original lampshades in pristine condition.

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