Which is best - Finda vs Gopher

Every few months despite repeated requests to be put on their 'Do Not Call' list, I still get persistent telemarketing calls from a company called Gopher, an online business directory service that seem to be desperate to sell me a promotional package to help my computer service web site attract more traffic.

Services like Gopher offer a fee promotional package and several progressively priced packages that aim to give your web site a higher search engine ranking so that people are more likely to see your web site appear higher up in Google search results when they are searching for your line of business.
The theory is that the more you pay them, the higher they rank your web site on their own service and therefore the higher real search engines like Google will rank your web site, whether or not this actually happens is debatable and difficult to prove.

Having used a similar service called Finda some years ago, I wanted to compare Gopher with Finda to see which would give the most bang for buck but I couldn't find any web sites that compared Finda and Gopher feature for feature so I created this comparison table based on information buried deep on their own web sites as at May 2017.

When you compare the plans in the format presented on their web sites, it's not that obvious who has the best deals but when you look at the same information presented in the table below ~ it's obvious that
one of them needs to seriously lift their game.


  Finda Gopher Finda Gopher Gopher Finda Gopher Gopher Finda
Free Free Bronze Basic Bronze Silver Silver Gold Gold
Cost excl. GST / year $295.00 $299.00 $595.00 $795.00 $995.00 $1,995.00 $1,595.00
Web site link                  
Address & map                  
Contact phone number           multiple     multiple
Business description 1000 chars   3200 chars 200 words 200 words 3200 chars 200 words 200 words 4200 chars
Email address                  
List category 1 1 2 1 1 2 3 10 3
Logo in Search Results                
Additional images     12 2 4 15 6 8 18
Listed products / services   1 8 1 1 10 1 1 12
Number of brands     8     10     12
Coupons     1     1     multiple
Video           1     multiple


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